Dutch parcel services code challenge

Postal Services code challenge #2 - Manage warehouses

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In this series, we are building a number of services for a parcel company. Today we are building a prerequisite for sending parcels, the registering and managing of warehouses. If you have not followed the setup of this challenge, please do that first. Let's get started!

User stories


As an facility manager I would like to register and edit warehouses where packages will be distributed. These warehouses will be used later in planning shipment routes. Therefore its needed to enter the warehouse location. I would like to view the warehouse address on a map after entering its address, so I can review the location. Also, I would like to enter the warehouse capacity, in number of parcels.

The list of warehouses (and their attributes) is included in the starter pack under Resources / Data / Warehouses.xlsx


  • Able to search and view warehouses
  • Able to save warehouse details
  • Able to enter package capacity

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